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We are full-service art consultants: from blueprint through installation.

Sapiro Art Consultants can help fulfill your distinctive image. Our creative energies, combined with our vast resources of artists and media, will transform your space into a dynamic environment.

Concept Collaboration

We take a highly collaborative approach with our clients. Every project starts by listening to the client and the design team to understand the goals for the space.

Budget Development

We work closely with clients to develop an art budget for their projects and use our extensive resources to source art that fits within the established budget and art concept.

Art Procurement

Since we do not represent artists, there are no limitations to finding the right art for each project. Mindful of the design goals and budget, we present a portfolio of artists for review. Together, we refine the field of artists and help the client select the artwork appropriate to each location. Upon approval, we then contract with the selected artists on the client’s behalf and communicate a schedule for completion.

Art Installation

We work hand-in-hand with shippers, framers and installers to prepare the art for installation. We oversee the installation process to ensure the final product exceeds expectations.

Next Step

We will be happy to arrange a complimentary consultation for your business or residence.

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